The 529 Spending Account

Backpack is the only account you need when it comes time to use your 529 college savings
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Connect & Pay

Backpack brings your education expenses into the digital age through simple online payments, transforming how you use your 529 college savings funds.
transaction screen showing 529 funds being withdrawn from 529, flowing through backpack and onto university to pay for tuition

Do these sound familiar?

We think you'll love backpack.
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Lost in the Mail Again?

Are you tired of anxiously tracking checks that seem to take a vacation on their way to the university?
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The Never-Ending Paper Trail

Do you feel like you're back at work doing business expenses every time you deal with 529?
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The Unwanted Pen Pal

Are you on first name basis with your University business office due to constant follow-ups on payment statuses?
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The Last-Minute Panic

Ever rushed to send a payment, only to realize 529 only does 15mph in a 45?

Transform 529 Tuition Payments
with Backpack

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Streamline Payment Processing

Reduce your physical check volume and automate reconciliations. Backpack significantly shortens payment processing times and integrates seamlessly with your ERP system, ensuring funds and enrollment statuses are updated promptly and accurately.

backpack dashboard showing balance and transactions

Enhance Student and Family Experience

Offer families a simplified, stress-free payment solution. Backpack's user-friendly platform makes tuition payments less of a chore and more of a seamless part of the educational journey.

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Reduce Administrative Burdens

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork, complex reconciliation processes and constant inquiry calls from student families. Backpack's digital solution minimizes manual tasks, freeing your staff to focus on more impactful work.

Turn today’s beneficiaries into tomorrow’s account owners

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Meet customers where they are

Customers expect to be able to access and use their money wherever they are. Backpack is the first solution to enable embedded payments capability for eligible expenses.
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Drive asset growth

529 is missing out on $1.3 trillion higher education savings sitting in more flexible financial instruments. Making 529s more accessible and easy to use will naturally drive asset growth as more families opt for this advantageous savings plan.
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Streamline operations

Drastically reduce your administrative load and processing costs. Our digital solution eliminates the need for manual check handling and processing, leaving your operational staff with time to create more surprise and delightful moments for your customers.
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Unlock the full power of 529

529 families aren’t making full use of the expanded benefits introduced by legislative updates. Digital disbursements is the first step to putting the power of 529 in your customers hands.

Unlock the $30+ billion of annual 529 college spend for your store

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Increase site traffic

Attract a wider audience of 529 shoppers. Our innovative solution draws in customers looking for smarter ways to spend their college savings.

Increase site conversion

The unique appeal of 529 payments via Backpack simplifies decision-making and reduces friction, enhancing conversion rates.
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Increase average order value

Watch your average order values soar as customers spend confidently using their 529 college savings funds.
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Reduce card transaction fees

Cut down on traditional payment processing costs. With Backpack, transactions tap direclty into 529 funds — meaning lower fees for you.

Simplify 529
payments, now

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