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Our 529 Payments Center is here to make paying tuition with a 529 as easy and stress free as possible.
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St. Edward’s has partnered with Backpack for digital 529 payments.

We heard you loud and clear. Physical checks from your 529 plans were a nightmare to deal with (they are for us too!).

Backpack’s 529 Spending Account is free to setup & use and directly integrated into our Business Office so we know as soon as you make a payment.

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Pay tuition with 529 online (for free!)
No more physical checks getting lost in the mail
Access to the only 529 Spending Account
Pay tuition, buy supplies and track expenses
Real-time payment updates
Email notifications to keep you in the know
5% cashback on non-tuition purchases
Exclusive to St. Edward’s student families
IRS Audit Support
Guidance and resources to help you through
Eligibility Guarantee
Reimbursement of taxes and penalties*

Backpack makes paying tuition with 529 as simple as...

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Initiate a Payment

Create a payment in Backpack even if you don’t have funds in there yet. The payment is scheduled and will be paid out to St. Edward’s automatically when we see funds come in from your 529.
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St. Edward’s is Notified

No need to call in to let us know your payment is on its way. Backpack notifies St. Edward’s of your initiated payment meaning you don’t have to worry about late fees or enrollment issues.
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Make a 529 Withdrawal

Withdraw 529 funds into your Backpack account. You can add your Backpack account to your 529 and make a withdrawal from Backpack if your 529 is supported, otherwise do it manually.

Backpack Support

No question too hard.
No question too small.

Backpack’s team of 529 payment experts are available for all St. Edward’s student families using 529. They can answer any questions about paying online, paying by physical check, 529 withdrawals and much more.

Pay Online FAQs

Creating a Backpack account
Creating a Backpack account allows you to withdraw funds from your 529 and pay your University online. Backpack will always be available to walk you through how to setup your account and make payments (simply start a chat with us below). If you prefer step through the setup yourself, you can read this step-by-step guide in our Help Center.
Linking your Backpack account to your 529
To “link” your 529 account to Backpack, you simply need to add a new financial institution or withdrawal method. Your Backpack account comes with its own unique account & routing number. For more information, see our detailed step-by-step guides [link] tailored to your 529 for how to add and link your Backpack account to your 529.
Withdrawing 529 funds to my Backpack account
Once you have linked your 529 to your Backpack account, you simply need to initiate a withdrawal. For more information, see our detailed step-by-step guides [link] tailored to your 529 for how to initiate a withdrawal from your 529 to your Backpack account.
How does Backpack know where to send my payment?
Backpack sends your payment directly to the right place thanks to our partnership with St. Edward's University, ensuring we always have the most up-to-date payment details for hassle-free transactions.

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Pay by Check

Help us make physical checks a little less, well... physical

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Send a physical check to St. Edward’s
Send a check from your 529 to:
St. Edward's University

Student Financial Services

3001 S Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704
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Give us a heads up
Let us know you sent a check by completing the form.
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We will send real-time updates
We will get in contact when St. Edward’s receives your check. If a check is taking too long or if there is any issue in processing it we will let you know.

Let us know you sent a check

Pay by Check FAQs

When should I send the check by?
We suggest sending the check three weeks before the payment deadline. The majority of 529 Plans quote ~10 business days for checks to be issued, sent and delivered to a University. In our experience, this can take much longer particularly as their operations centers get overwhelmed during tuition periods.
Where do I send the check?
St. Edward's University

Student Financial Services

3001 S Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78704
How do I let St. Edward’s know?
Fill out the form above as soon as you send the check. St. Edward’s business office receives an alert when a form is submitted. This is important so that we can make mark that payment is on its way and ensure the student is not dropped from classes or have late fees applied. It also means we can contact you if we think something might have gone wrong.
How will I know when my check has arrived?
A big benefit of using our physical check form is that we will be able to send you updates and notifications based on the timing we usually expect. You will receive a confirmation that the business office has been notified your check is on the way and will receive a notification when it is received. We will also notify you if we think it’s been a little too long and something might have gone wrong.

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Important Dates

Academic Year 2024/25

Tuition Bills Released
July 8th
Send Physical Check deadline
July 10th
Link Backpack to 529 (new accounts)
July 14th
Pay with Backpack (existing accounts)
July 31st
Bill Payment Deadline
August 1st
Dates coming soon!
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